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Students of the Month – February 2018


Student of the Month in a Musical Theater Production

Congratulations to Liz Seymour our first Student of the Month in a Musical Theater Production. Liz always has a great attitude, consistently arrives early and stays late to help before and after rehearsals, comes to rehearsals prepared and practices on her own time so she can help her fellow cast members. She is an amazing person and we are so honored she chose to work with us. Be sure to come see her as Babette in our upcoming production of “Beauty and the Beast Jr.” in May.


Student of the Month in Group Classes

Congratulations to Meilee Condron who is our first Group Class Student of the month. She takes Hip Hop and Musical Theater classes with Rica and Rina Anonas on Saturdays. Rica and Rina nominated her for her willingness to work hard. She is not afraid to commit to her work & takes on any opportunity she gets. She displays poise, great character & leadership. She exceeds our expectations & always shows appreciation & gratitude for the teaching we give her. She is humble & always shines bright through her work. She never fails to show her love, respect & passion for Top Billing and our staff.


Student of the Month in Private Lessons

Congratulations to Eden Soohoo our first Private Lesson Student of the Month. Eden takes piano lessons with Amanda Rueda. Miss Mandee nominated her because “Eden had no prior music experience when she came to me a few months ago and already at the age of 3 can play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. She is a very fast, eager learner and is very courteous and respectful to myself and those around her.” We are honored that Eden and her family chose to work with us.

Meet the Leads of Top Billing Entertainment’s “Shrek the Musical”!

Shrek Show Flyer 2017




Miguel Lopez is 17 years old and this will be his first show with Top Billing Entertainment Performance Academy and he is super excited to be cast as Shrek. Miguel has always loved the Shrek movies and, of course, the musical. Playing the part of Shrek is one of his dream roles. Miguel has always loved performing on the stage since he was a child. He would like to send out a special thank you to his family, friends, and drama teachers at Walnut High School. Miguel would also like to thank the staff at Top Billing Entertainment Performance Academy for giving him a shot at playing the lead role even though he’s a newcomer to the Top Billing Entertainment Performance Academy family.


Steven Anoki Santamaría-Kono is extremely excited to be stepping into the big bright beautiful world of Shrek. He is not only bringing the character of Shrek to life, but also Papa Bear! There are so many lessons and morals this show teaches, but most importantly, is the lesson “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover.” This is a huge problem in today’s society. Everyone is guilty of judging someone before getting to know them. That is what we want everyone to remember and keep with them for years to come. No matter how strongly your opinion of someone may be, you do not know their story. We all have a story, but most of us are too afraid to tell it. For as long as you may live, let your freak flags fly! Demand success and settle for nothing less!




Riley Anne Mackie is thrilled to take on the role of Princess Fiona in Top Billing Entertainment Performance Academy’s Shrek the Musical. She has been performing in shows for 13 years and a few of her favorite roles include Mrs. Potts/Madame De La Grande Bouche Beauty and the Beast, Fruma Sarah Fiddler on the Roof, Miss Hannigan Annie, and Glinda The Wizard of Oz. She graduated from Excel Academy this spring and will attend The Master’s University with a music scholarship and plans to double major in Music Education and Vocal Performance this fall. She would like to thank Ms. K and all the staff at Top Billing Entertainment Performance Academy for giving her the opportunity to play her dream role, the cast for being so much fun to work with, her family, and most importantly, Christ for blessing her with wonderful people and amazing opportunities.

katie p

Katie Perry (but not the one you’re expecting) will be a senior at Covina High School. Katie would like to thank Ms. K for the awesome opportunity to play Fiona and fart on stage in a classy manner. She would also like to thank Tim for all the hours of tap lessons he has taught her over the years. A major thank you goes out to all of her friends and family for supporting her and letting her do what she loves. Special THANK YOU to her Mom & Dad for all the rides, late nights, last minute costume needs and for putting up with her for seventeen years in general. She also would like to give a big thank you to her cats for their continued moral support.


aaron c

Aaron Caldarone is sixteen years old and sophomore at San Dimas High School. He has been performing since he was 6 years old and has always felt at home on stage. This is his third show with Top Billing Entertainment Performance Academy and his 13th show overall. Some of his previous roles have been Chef Louis in The Little Mermaid, Jr., Warner Huntington III in Legally Blonde, and Peter in Peter Pan, in which he won a National Youth Arts Award for “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Musical.” Aaron is both excited and honored to play Donkey in Shrek the Musical. He is very passionate about musical theater and hopes to pursue a career on Broadway in his future. He is so thankful for the love and support of both his family and friends. In His Name!


Jahmal Rogers is 15 years old and is thrilled to be on stage, performing for people brought to gates of theater. He has been in Damn Yankees, Oliver the Musical, Drowsy Chaperone, The Wizard of Oz, West Side Story, and The Little Mermaid, Jr. Being a part of this production has been amazing and he can’t wait for more to come. Jahmal is also a member of choir, drama, and dance at his school and has received many awards. He lives by the motto “Do it with passion or don’t do it at all.” Jahmal would like to thank everyone for their love and encouragement and would also like to thank his parents for acknowledging him and staying by his side. Love you guys!



Caleb Mackie has helped backstage in several past Top Billing Entertainment Performance Academy productions. This time he is thrilled to be onstage performing with them for the first time and is enjoying playing Lord Farquaad as well as to be sharing the stage with 3 of his siblings. Caleb is 16 years old, and will be a junior at Western Christian High School this year. He is a sports fanatic who plays football and loves the Dodgers and Green Bay Packers. When not on the field, he spends his time playing the guitar and performing onstage. Some of his favorite roles have been Horton the Elephant in Seussical the Musical, Schroeder in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, and the Beast in Beauty and the Beast. As much as Caleb loves to perform, nothing compares to his love for his Lord and Savior, Jesus. Isaiah 53:5


Allie Stanzione is 21 years old and has been performing since he was 6 years old. Shrek the Musical will be his 27th show. He won 2 NYA awards in 2015 for his roles as Lord Farquaad, Shrek the Musical, and Wizard/Professor Marvel, The Wizard of Oz, with San Dimas High School. Allie is so grateful that he has the opportunity to play Lord Farquaad a 2nd time and alongside his brother Steven as Shrek. He would also like to thank his family and friends, his Aunt Patti for everything she does, Mrs. K, Heather, Melanie, Tim, Erik and everyone at Top Billing Entertainment Performance Academy for their support and welcoming him into their family. GET IT TOGETHER HEATHER!

Meet the Principal Characters in Top Billing Entertainment’s Production of “The Little Mermaid Jr.”


Ursula the Sea Witch


Maddison Nall is extremely excited to be your Villain, “Ursula” for Land Cast.  Maddison is a recent High School Graduate & is planning on studying her passions to one day fullfill her dreams of performing live on Broadway. She will study acting, screenwriting, music in her next adventures. When she is not performing she plays the guitar, dances, writes, sings & enjoys the piano. Maddison would also like to thank the TBE staff for all of their time, energy, hard work & love that they put in this amazing production. Thank you also for trusting her with such a Villianess Role. Maddy would like to thank the Lord for giving her the gift of song & entertaining. Thanks to her parents for enduring the wickedness & to her siblings for being her cheerleaders.


Eileen Goodwin is so excited to be returning for her 4th production with Top Billing Entertainment! Playing various roles such as Glinda in “The Wiz”, Motormouth Maybelle in “Hairspray”, and A Reindeer in “Theres No Business Like Snow Business”, she is so happy to be playing one of her favorite Disney villains. She wants to thank Kristina Keener-Ivy and the rest of the TBE staff for their dedication and generosity. She’d also like to thank her friends and family for loving and supporting her in everything she does.


Sebastian the Crab


Jahmal Rogers is thrilled to be on stage and preforming for people brought to the gates of theater. I have been in “Damn Yankees”, “Oliver the Musical”, “Drowsy Chaperone”, and “The Wizard of Oz”. Being a part of this musical has been amazing, and can’t wait for others to come. I am also a member of choir, drama, and dance at my school. I would love to thank my parents most for acknowledged me and staying by my side the way here, love you guys. All i can say is “Do it with passion or don’t do it at all”. I have also won many awards in my drama department at my school including best new talent. Thank you everyone for the love and encouragement.


Angel Castillo is 19 years old and is a student at Mt. San Antonio College where he plans to major in music. This is the third musical production he’s been a part of, second with Top Billing, and first ever lead role performance. He would like to thank Ms. K for trusting him with such an honorable role and for everyone for working so hard. All of his talent and dedication comes from his family being so supportive of his dreams.


Scuttle the Sea Gull


Yasmeen Genie is 14 years old and is going to be a freshman in the fall. This is her 4th summer production with TBE and she is excited to play Scuttle! She has a passion for singing, dancing and performing. Her favorite roles so far have been Princess Jasmine in Aladdin Jr. and Gertrude Mc Fuzz in Seussical Jr. Her lifelong goal is to be on Broadway living her dream 8 times a week. She would like to thank Mrs. K for giving her such wonderful opportunities and for being an Amazing voice teacher and helping her to be the best she can be. She would also like to thank her dance teachers Tim, Mel and Rica for helping her and putting on a great show. Thanks to Heather and Bubba for all they do! Special thanks to her family for all their love and support of her passion to perform.


Megan Gonzalez is an ambitious 18 year old who says playing Scuttle was such a challenge but also a great learning experience. Megan was last seen playing Sister in Damn Yankees at her school, and before that, she starred as Tracy Turnblad in TBE’s fall musical, Hairspray. After recently graduating at Charter Oak High school, she will be going to Citrus College to major in musical theatre. She would like to thank her family for supporting her passion for theatre arts, and she would also like to thank Mrs. K, Tim, Mel, Heather, Erik, & Justin for believing in her & working hard to make this show wonderful.


King Triton

DeShawn Johnson (2 of 6)

De’Shawn Johnson has been in musical theater for 12 years and this is his 3rd show with Top Billing. Some of his favorite roles are Cowardly Lion in “The Wizard of OZ”, Shrek in “Shrek the Musical”, The Big Bad Wolf in “Into the Woods”, Daddy Warbucks in “Annie” and the Hot Dog Man/Duane in “Hairspray”. He is excited to reprise the role of King Triton. Deshawn would like to thank his mom for supporting him in his theater journey. and he would also like to thank Ms. K, Heather, Melanie and Tim for allowing him to do an amazing show with Top Billing Entertainment.


Steven Anoki Santamaria-Kono feels very blessed to be performing as King Triton in The Little Mermaid Jr. This will be his first Top Billing Production. Having grown up on stage as an ensemble performer he found himself lacking the confidence to blossom as a performer, after having met Kristina Keener Ivy things changed. He would like to thank her for giving him the chance to grow and showcase his talents and for helping him gain confidence not only as an actor but outside the theater world as well. He would like to thank Timothy Jackson for helping him expand his vocals. He would also like to thank Melanie Rabajante for believing that his horrible dancing has hope. He is very excited to be a part of the Top Billing Entertainment Family and hopes to be a part of this wonderful crowd for many years to come.

Meet the Erics in Top Billing Entertainment’s “The Little Mermaid Jr.”


Noah Spaulding is 18 years old and will be begin his freshman year of college at Azusa Pacific University this coming fall. He has been in almost every TBE production and his favorite role would have to be playing Aladdin in TBE’s production of “Aladdin Jr.” this past spring. He would like to give a huge thanks to all his friends, family members, teachers, and loved ones for all their support, and a special thank you to Kristina, David, Bubba, Heather, Mel, Tim, and Erik for helping him grow as a performer and a person over the course of this show. Finally, he’d like to thank the entire “Little Mermaid” cast for their hard work and dedication on this production and for putting up with his craziness during rehearsals. He loves you guys a lot.

Seth Johnson (6 of 6)

Seth Johnson is 17 years young and a Junior going on Senior at Claremont High School. Along with his astonishing good looks and unparalleled charm, he is drum captain for the CHS drumline and is a gifted Ukelele player. This is his 15th performance overall and his third with Top Billing. He would like to thank all of the breathtaking cast and staff for giving him such an amazing role and for being the best a fella could ask for.

Meet the Ariels in Top Billing Entertainment’s production of “The Little Mermaid Jr.”


Brooke Lynn Boyd is thrilled to be making her debut at Top Billing as Ariel!!! Some favorite roles include Tiger Lily in “Peter Pan”, Fiona in “Shrek the Musical” – which she won a National Youth Arts award for “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical”, Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” & Cinderella in “Into the Woods”.

Brooke’s career began with Charlie in “Willie Wonka”, Jojo in “Seussical the Musical” & Teacup in “Beauty & the Beast” (with Kristina Keener Ivy as Madame de la Grande Bouche). Brooke traveled with the National/International Broadway Tour of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” as Cindy-Lou Who at age 10 and Annie Who at age 11. She was cast in the Matt August film “How to Get to Candybar” and has done commercials for Cox Cable, Wii – “Just Dance on Broadway” and Toyota. Brooke would like to thank Mrs. K and her new Top Billing Family for this wonderful opportunity, her family for their support and God for making her path straight! Proverbs 3:5-6


Jordyn Bristol is a 17 year old senior at Glendora High School. Jordyn is a Royal Stewart at GHS and is the reigning Miss National Orange Shows Outstanding Teen and recently placed in the top seven for Miss California in the Miss America pageant. This is Jordyn’s third show with Top Billing Entertainment and her 10th show overall. Some of her past parts include Annie, Alice in Wonderland, The Cat in Seussical the Musical, and Penny in Hairspray with TBE for which she won a National Youth Arts Award for “Best Supporting Actress”. Jordyn would like to thank her family for always supporting her and cheering her on. She would also like to thank her fellow cast-mates for all the fun times at rehearsal. Jordyn will be forever grateful to Ms. K, Tim, Mel, and Heather for giving her the opportunity to bring her favorite Disney Princess to the stage.

Where Your Money Goes

As a non-profit 501(c)3 our staff, board members, and performers are all owners of Top Billing Entertainment Performance Academy. As such, we are all stake holders and all of us partner together to make the shows happen; as the Executive Director I want to make our budgets and processes as transparent as possible. We have been blessed over many years by amazing donations of money and items, but mostly of volunteer hours. We do musicals because we love doing them. Not every child is an athlete, and musicals can uniquely feature performers of all ages with special needs in addition to those with amazing dancing, singing, and acting skills in a team oriented environment. In addition to the athletic and music components, stage musicals help build discipline, confidence, and presentation skills. We love giving the performers a Broadway level experience where every one of them gets a featured solo moment, but to create these professional level productions takes a small army. We are especially proud of the amount of national awards our productions and performers have received as well as the amount of talent scouts and agents that attend our shows to recruit our performers.

If we charged each performer for the instructional time, costumes, sets, theater time, etc. which we provide for each production, the cost per person would range from $500-$700. Instead we ask each performer sell tickets or program ads to help cover the costs. We are working on grants and other income streams, but currently have been making ends meet through donations from our staff and board members. Below is a sample budget of the costs for our summer productions. The biggest factors are the amount of performers in the show, the length of time we are in a theater, and the cost for the performance rights, but with the rehearsal space and other costs added in, we are generally always operating at a deficit.

Again we do the shows because we love doing them. The musical productions are also good advertising for our private lessons and classes (although the majority of our musical performers do not take any) and they help launch our performers to the next level. To keep all this awesomeness going, we truly need each performer and their families to follow through on their commitment of volunteer hours and ticket sales, as well as maintain a positive and supportive learning environment. We are planning for and hoping in the near future that large grants and other income streams will come our way, and would love any help offered, but mainly need everyone to take up their small burden to help make the large musical productions possible. When we all work together, we can make dreams come true.

General Musical Budget_Page_1General Musical Budget_Page_2

Friday Feature Student November 6, 2015 ~ Yasmeen Genie

Yasmeen Genie12239138_10153724492446624_1105138507223754612_o

Yasmeen Genie is 13 years old and in the 8th grade. She loves singing, dancing and musical theatre. She didn’t discover the performing arts until she starting jazz dancing when she was 9 yrs old at Encore Dance Center in San Dimas and after a year she loved dancing so much that she started taking ballet, tap, lyrical and modern dance. Then at 10 she discovered she loved to sing also and began voice lessons with Ms. K. and then a year later added piano lessons so she can learn to accompany herself. When Top Billing Entertainment began expanding last year she immediately started taking Musical Theatre, Tap, Jazz and then later Acting Classes at the new Academy. Her first show with Top Billing was “The Music Man” where she was a Saleswoman and band member. Later she was in” Beauty and The Beast” as a Narrator and Napkin and in” Wizard of Oz” as a Crow and Lead Dancer. She also participated in this year’s summer camps where she got to play lead roles, Sharpay Evans in” High School Musical Jr.” and Miss. Hannigan in “Annie”. She is also rehearsing for her third season of Holiday Shows with TBE. She was very excited to play Gertrude in “Seussical Jr.”. Gertrude has been her favorite character to portray, because they are so similar.

Yasmeen works very hard and is out most evenings and weekends at dance classes, lessons and rehearsals because she has very big goals. Her lifelong goal is to be on Broadway living her dream eight times a week. Her dream role would be to play Elphaba in “Wicked” and follow in the footsteps of Idina Menzel and Lindsay Mendez. She would like to thank Mrs. K for being the best voice teacher and for always supporting her and pushing her to do her best. She would also like to thank all her teachers at Top Billing: Heather, Tim, Mel, Jamie, Andrew, Eddie, and Christine. Yasmeen is beyond grateful for all her blessings and the opportunities she has been given and hopes she can continue to perform and do what she loves. She thanks her family and friends for all their love and support.

Click on the titles to see her sing Gimme, GimmeDon’t Stop Believing, and O Holy Night.

Meet the Lead Actors of Top Billing’s Production of HAIRSPRAY

  12109993_10153671948236624_4737430221617891497_o (1)

Hairspray - Cast Bios revisedjpg_Page4_Image3

Megan Gonzalez (Tracy Turnblad) is a 17 year-old senior and proud Thespian at Charter Oak High School. She has previously been seen as the showgirl Mitzy in Crazy For You, and Old Sally in Oliver! Megan has attended DTASC, Shakespeare DTASC, CETA, and Rancho Cucomunga’s One-Act Festival. She hopes to major in theatre and have a job in the performing arts business and her dream role is Sophie in Mamma Mia. Megan would like to thank God for blessing her with many musical talents, along with her family for supporting her love for the stage. She would also like to thank Ms. K, Tim, Mel, Heather, Erik, and the entire cast for this wonderful experience.

Hairspray - Cast Bios revisedjpg_Page7_Image2

Elder Timbol (Edna Turnblad) has been with Top Billing since it started and is excited to return to the stage with these great performers.

Hairspray - Cast Bios revisedjpg_Page3_Image7

James Ellis is excited to join the Top Billing Entertainment Performance Academy for the first time as “Wilbur” in this production of Hairspray. James has been performing in musical theater throughout Southern California for the last 15 years.  Favorite recent roles include “Jamie” in The Last Five Years, “Scarecrow” in The Wizard of Oz, “Archibald Craven” in The Secret Garden, and “Amos” in Big Fish. When not on stage, James works as a school administrator. He wants to thank his family and friends for supporting his theatrical hobby.  Enjoy the show!

Hairspray - Cast Bios revisedjpg_Page7_Image5

Christian Sandoval (Link Larkin) has done quite a few plays with Top Billing Performance Academy including, The Wizard of Oz, Beauty and the Beast, and The Music Man. He has also done a few shows with other companies but Top Billing is his home now. He would like to thank his mom and dad for all the rides to rehearsal. Thank you to his brother Seth for opening the door to the theater and helping him see how wonderful it is. Last but not least, his Big Brother Andrew who has always supported him in everything he does. Thanks for being the spark that keeps him going.

Hairspray - Cast Bios revisedjpg_Page3_Image2

Joseph De Los Reyes (Corny Collins) is a sophomore at Cal Poly Pomona and has performed in 16 musicals and won a National Youth Arts Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Musical in Top Billing Entertainment’s production of Beauty and the Beast Jr.  Joseph would like to thank Ms. K for giving him many opportunities to showcase his talents, as well as Mel, Tim, Heather, and Justin for all the hard work and dedication they put into the show.  Next, Joseph would like to thank his family for being his number one supporters and for always giving him unconditional love and lastly he would like to thank God for all the blessings in his life.

Hairspray - Cast Bios revisedjpg_Page4_Image6

Eileen Goodwin is so excited to be playing the role of Motormouth Maybelle in Top Billing Entertainment Performance Academy’s production of Hairspray! Having a licensed vocational nursing license, Eileen spends her days off the stage caring for her patients. She is currently produces, directs, and stars in her own YouTube channel “HEYmishelay!” which posts comedy videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Eileen wishes to thank her mother for supporting her and letting her follow her passion. She credits the success of Hairspray to director Kristina Keener Ivy, whose creative genius and generosity is unparalleled.

Hairspray - Cast Bios revisedjpg_Page1_Image6

Jill Barnard (Velma Von Tussle) was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. With a degree in theater arts from CSU Northridge, she went on to work in musical theater, summer stock, dinner theater, children’s theater, student films and the occasional cameo in a movie. Credits include Once Upon a Mattress, The Sound of Music, George M, Kiss Me Kate (where she met her husband Jeff), Shadowlands, Annie, Nathan, Star of Persia, and movies Ten to Midnight, and Hard to Hold. Jill has been married to her leading man Jeff for 26 years, and is the mother of 4 wonderful boys. Her greatest joy is her family and she gives praises to God for all the blessings in her life.

Hairspray - Cast Bios revisedjpg_Page3_Image6

Laliana Diaz (Amber Von Tussle) is a freshman at Citrus College where she is studying as a musical theatre major. This is her 3rd musical and her very first production with Top Billing Entertainment Performance Academy. Her favorite role was the lead role Nancy in the musical Oliver! Her goals include graduating with a master’s degree in musical theatre and performing on Broadway. She would like to thank everyone who has supported her especially her parents, boyfriend, and bestie as well as a big thank you to Top Billing for giving her this opportunity.

Hairspray - Cast Bios revisedjpg_Page2_Image2

Jordyn Bristol (Penny Pingleton) is a junior at Glendora High School where she sings with the Royal Stewarts. She enjoys playing the guitar and spending time with her family and friends. This is Jordyn’s 11th musical and her 2nd with Top Billing Entertainment Performance Academy. She has had so much fun preparing to play the role of Penny and she is so thankful to Ms. K, Heather, Tim, and Melanie for giving her this opportunity. She would like to thank her family and friends for always supporting her love of musical theatre.

Hairspray - Cast Bios revisedjpg_Page6_Image7

Richard Dayle Reyes (Seaweed J. Stubbs) is excited to be performing in Top Billing’s first fall show. Richard studies acting and dance at Top Billing Performance Academy and hopes to one day have a BFA and become a professional performer. He would like to thank God for his grace, his family and friends for their support, Mel and Tim for choreographing one heck of a show, Heather and Justin for keeping him on his toes, Ms. K for believing in him and blessing him with the chance to play one of his favorite roles. Richard would like to give a special thanks to his girlfriend Rina for helping him run lines, listening to him sing, and bringing his dance moves to life.

Friday Feature ~ August 7, 2015 ~ Justin Senneff

Justin Senneff

Justin Senneff has been performing all his life, from singing “Climb Every Mountain” atop the slide at Finkbiner Park at age 6 to playing the baseball theme on piano at age 3. Finally being enrolled in youth theater in MET’s production of The Wiz* in 2003 (said theater company henceforth being known as MET2) Justin went on to do 4 shows with MET2: The Wiz*, Grease*, Sound of Music*, Big River*. He then took a hiatus from musical theater, keeping busy with the Children’s Choir at St. Dorothy’s Church in Glendora led by Jean Dalton and Dr. Wayne Barton. In 6th grade, he came upon Patricia Trevor’s drama class, which soon introduced him into the world of competitive show choir that next year (2007) — a year which certainly proved itself one of Justin’s hallmarks both in terms of his social life and his career.

Although circumstances prevented Justin from continuing in competitive show choir from 8th grade onward, he still kept active in attending competitions, building bridges of friendship between two particular show choir programs and working tech his senior year of high school for the Glendora High Royal Stewarts. It was late in his sophomore year however that his father Richard Senneff had encouraged him to return to his roots in musical theater. Returning back to MET2 that fall in Annie*, Justin had the wonderful opportunity to perform in Les Miserables* with the Citrus Summer Conservatory in July 2011. Another time in his life Justin would consider a hallmark and would be the start of his career at Citrus College — where he currently studies music  under such names as Douglass Austin, Bruce Langford, and completing three years of the Citrus College Concert Choir.  Other names in his study of Dance at Citrus include John Vaughn, Yesenia Valverde and Rene Liskey.

2012 proved a very special year — graduating from high school, reprising The Wiz* and finally meeting Kristina! As Justin says, “Working with Kristina Keener Ivy has been thus the biggest lasting hallmark in my continuing career in the performing arts. It has given me a clear sense of my goals and has provided me with more opportunities than I have ever dreamed”. Also active in church music, Justin volunteers as chapel organist twice a month at Santa Teresita Hospital in Duarte and has sung with various Church Choirs throughout the southland, which has included singing at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Downtown Los Angeles last September for the 10th annual “Catholic Prayer Breakfast”.

Recent projects include making his debut at Candleight Pavillion last Summer of 2014 in “Shrek the Musical”, “Les Miserables” with International Full Gospel Fellowship in Monrovia (both in partnership with Centre Stage Inc.) and is just fresh from closing “Thoroughly Modern Millie” with the Louise K. Taylor Preforming Arts Center.

As a side note, Justin is a HUGE fan of the Stage version of the Musical “Newsies” and is very fond of his many supportive friends at Top Billling Entertainment!

Edited by: Amanda Annete Eckersall

Youtube links of his work:

“Light Medley” 

“Les Miserables, IFGF”: 

“Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence”:

Meet the Wizards in Top Billing Entertainment’s “The Wizard of OZ”

Paul Coon (5 of 6)

Paul Coon (Gold Cast Wizard) is a junior at Covina High School. This is Paul’s second year with Top Billing and he is loving it!! He is super excited to be playing his first big  role as  the Wizard for Top Billing Entertainment!!! Other productions he has been are  Hairspray,  where he played Corny Collins and Wilbur Turnblad, Footloose where he played Ren McCormack, and also he has played Willy Wonka in Willy Wonka Jr. When he graduates he wants to go to cosmetology school where he wishes to learn how to do hair and makeup for Broadway. He would also like to thank his Mom and Dad for driving him to and from rehearsals and for supporting him. He would also like thank his GG and Papa and their friends for coming and supporting him in all his shows. Enjoy the show!!!

Alex Plumb (4 of 6)

Alex Plumb (Emerald Cast Wizard) is entering his senior year at Glendora High School this fall. He’s been involved with Top Billing Entertainment  the past  five  summers, starting with Disney’s High School Musical. He regards  Joseph  as his favorite  Top Billing Entertainment  production. In addition to acting, Alex is involved with both the GHS Tartan Marching Band and jazz band, playing the alto saxophone. This year, he will also serve as the assistant drum major  and student band board president. However, he’s not a stereotypical band geek as he loves many sports, especially basketball and football and even started a unicycle club at his school. He would like to thank his family, for their support in his many activities, especially his sister Nicole for introducing him the Top Billing family.

Noah Spaulding (4 of 6)Noah Spaulding (Ruby Cast Wizard) is 17 years old and an incoming  senior at Covina High School. He has been performing in Top Billing Entertainment productions since 2011. He is an active member of many clubs and activities and a member of the honor roll at Covina. His favorite role was playing the charismatic show host Corny
Collins in Covina High’s production of Hairspray. His hobbies include singing, writing, watching movies, and quoting famous lines from films. He would like to thank his family, friends, and teachers for all their support, and would especially like to thank the entire cast of the Wizard of Oz for all their hard work on the production.

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