Top Billing Entertainment Academy

Where Every Performer Gets Top Billing

Meet the Erics in Top Billing Entertainment’s “The Little Mermaid Jr.”


Noah Spaulding is 18 years old and will be begin his freshman year of college at Azusa Pacific University this coming fall. He has been in almost every TBE production and his favorite role would have to be playing Aladdin in TBE’s production of “Aladdin Jr.” this past spring. He would like to give a huge thanks to all his friends, family members, teachers, and loved ones for all their support, and a special thank you to Kristina, David, Bubba, Heather, Mel, Tim, and Erik for helping him grow as a performer and a person over the course of this show. Finally, he’d like to thank the entire “Little Mermaid” cast for their hard work and dedication on this production and for putting up with his craziness during rehearsals. He loves you guys a lot.

Seth Johnson (6 of 6)

Seth Johnson is 17 years young and a Junior going on Senior at Claremont High School. Along with his astonishing good looks and unparalleled charm, he is drum captain for the CHS drumline and is a gifted Ukelele player. This is his 15th performance overall and his third with Top Billing. He would like to thank all of the breathtaking cast and staff for giving him such an amazing role and for being the best a fella could ask for.

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